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Biographical and musical essays, program notes to individual works are now on the Web

Thomas P. Lewis, in his Source Guide to the Music of Percy Grainger (Pro-Am Music Resources, White Plains, NY, 1991), produced a compendium of information about Grainger's life, work, and philosophy of music. Because of its comprehensive nature, Lewis' book deserves its own section on this Web site.

Lewis' book contains a catalog of Grainger's works, and lists of recordings and locations of scores, as they were known at the time of the book's publication.

In addition, the volume contains a variety of other materials about Grainger, including essays, both biographical and musicological, by a variety of musicians, critics, friends, and students. A section of "Program Notes" provides short discussions of individual works, drawing, in many cases, on Grainger's own words.

A bit at a time, we are putting this material online, or at least those chapters that stand the test of time. Discographies and lists of locations of scores can become outdated; those in this book are being superseded by more current and complete listings. Chapter 1, "Biographical/Artistic Vignettes," and Chapter 4, "Program Notes" can now be read on this Web site; click on the names to go there directly. (Chapter 4 is currently in a "text only" version; reproductions of scores and musical examples will be added later.)

Below, we reproduce the Table of Contents of the complete book.

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Table of Contents Page 2

Table of Contents Page 3

Table of Contents Page 4

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