Writings on Building and Architecture

by Dr. Cora Angier Sowa

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Chapter 1 of The Loom of Minerva: An Introduction to Computer Projects for the Literary Scholar, "A Guide to the Labyrinth"
"The Eureka Machine for Composing Hexameter Latin Verses" (1845)
"Verbal Patterns in Hesiod's Theogony"
Selected Excerpts from Chapters of Traditional Themes and the Homeric Hymns
"Thought Clusters in Early Greek Oral Poetry"
"Holy Places", a study of myths of landmarks
"Epilogue to 'Holy Places': the World Trade Center as a Mythic Place"
Writings on Building and Architecture
"Ancient Myths in Modern Movies"
Archived "Quotations of the Month"
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Parthenon at Athens

The Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens after a rare snow storm, photo by C.A. Sowa

Reviews of Books on Architecture

Currently available are two reviews, by Cora Angier Sowa, of books on architecture, previously published in New York Affairs. You may read them by clicking on the names of "Unbuilt America" by Alison Sky and Michelle Stone (this review is presented with new commentary) and "Public Places and Private Spaces" by Albert Mehrabian.

Other Essays on Architecture

On other pages on this site, you can also read two essays on myths of landmarks, Holy Places (also previously published in New York Affairs) and The World Trade Center as a Mythic Place.

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